Friday, August 19, 2011

While you sleep

You know we are always watching, right? You read this, and it seems like words on a webpage, but we just have to let you know we are here. We se where you sit, blinded by the glow of your monitor from the rest of the world around you... that's what we want. We were that creak in the floor, as if someone was tip-toeing trough the hall. The house settling. Happens all the time. We were that quiet knock at your window. Just the wind, just the wind. It's okay, we don't want you while you're awake. We wait until you're asleep and we mock you with our slack jaws, laugh at you trough vocal chords dried with the blood of throats slit years ago. We kiss you with our decaying mouths and hope you don't wake up to see us there...

There have been times we have woken you, and we dash with our creaky tendons across the room. There we hide in shadows, until you convince yourself it was just a dream. We wait for the night that your lifeless body will dance with us, ripping yourself to fight rigor. Until then, we will make love to your sleep and impregnate you with nightmares. Sleep well, our love.